Monday, June 23, 2008

Estriol Resolution Update

It’s not too late to help us make a difference. In the past few weeks we have hit Congress hard. Thousands of our members have written their House representative in support of a resolution that calls upon the FDA to stop their new policy of restricting women’s access to prescriptions containing estriol. The American Association for Health Freedom (AAHF) ran a full-page ad in Roll Call supporting H. Con. Res. 342 and highlighting the hypocrisy of Wyeth. The same day, hundreds of compounding pharmacists were on the Hill meeting with members of Congress. We also hand delivered letters of support for the resolution from various medical and consumers groups, representing millions of consumers and practitioners.

We’re pleased to announce that the Senate has now introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 88 – a companion resolution to H. Con. Res. 342. Slightly different than the House resolution, the Senate resolution adds the language “unless the FDA holds a public comment period on the issue and can document evidence of adverse events and other safety issues to justify such policy.” Additionally there are now about 30 cosponsors of the House resolution, many which were added last week in response to the efforts above.

We ran the ad “ Shame on you, Wyeth” on June 3 in Roll Call, the most widely read daily paper on Capitol Hill and hand delivered letters to all 435 House of Representative’s offices on that same day. We ran another Roll Call ad, “ Shame on you, Wyeth, Part Two” on June 17 in support of the just introduced Senate companion resolution and then hand delivered letters to each of the 100 Senate offices. (Read more about our efforts.)

Help us build on this momentum and TAKE ACTION by contacting your representatives today.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and ask them to write to Congress!