Wednesday, April 02, 2008

FDA Doesn't Want Your Voice Heard

We’ve heard from several sources that the FDA is whispering into Congressional ears to ignore letters from their constituents about bio-identical hormones. The FDA is spreading the rumor that the health freedom community is “unfairly” upset about their recent ban on estriol and bio-identical hormones. Furthermore, the FDA continues to insist that they are not “restricting” estriol and that physicians wishing to treat their patients with drugs containing estriol may submit an investigational new drug application.

On January 9, 2008, the FDA essentially BANNED estriol (which is used in 80% of bio-identical hormones). They stated that estriol is an unapproved drug and unless they have a valid investigational new drug application, pharmacy operators may not compound drugs containing estriol. The same day at a press conference, the FDA admitted that they knew of no serious adverse events reported in conjuncture with estriol (even though doctors and hospitals are required to report ALL adverse events.

On Thursday (April 3), we’re meeting with members of Congress to discuss this issue and others related to health freedom. We’ll be sure to tell you how the meetings went!

If you’re a practitioner, a patient, or someone who wants the FDA to stop practicing medicine, please continue to read.


Read the timeline and Draw Your Own Conclusion – is the FDA doing Wyeth’s bidding?

Contact Congress and the President of the US and let them know that you want the FDA to stop attacking bio-identical hormones.

Personalize your letter. Tell your story, edit to reflect your points of interest (this is VERY important, please take the extra time!)

Spread the word! We need the loudest voice possible – let your friends and family know of this threat, send an email. Tell people to visit Download, print, and distribute our flyer ( click here) and if you don’t have a printer, let us know how many you need.

Join AAHF so we can continue to make a difference on this and other important issues.

Make a tax-deductible donation to the Health Freedom Foundation so we can continue educational efforts and pursue opportunities to block the FDA’s assault on bio-identical hormones.

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